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How to Clean your Rental Home Effectively


Being a landlord allows you to benefit from an additional source of income you can receive monthly. You are allowed to add some extra money to your budget, but that luxury comes with a few requirements. As an owner of a rental home, you should preserve the place squeaky clean, so that tenants would be attracted to rent the place right away. Take a look at these cleaning tips you should rely on for your rental to look its best:


  • Book a cleaning service – as a landlord, it is your responsibility to present a sparkly clean place for your new tenants. There is no doubt that the easiest way for you to achieve that purpose is hiring a reliable domestic cleaning company. If you have more than one rental home to lend, finding a quality service is a must. But even if you don’t, expert cleaners own the most effective tools and detergents to clean your rental to perfection. Besides, you wouldn’t have to waste your free time cleaning the place alone. So in case, you decide to go for a professional service, read reviews or ask friends and family to get recommendations and find a proven company. If not, move on with the tips below.


  • Evaluate your assets – if your rental is fully furnished, you should examine furniture and appliances thoroughly. In some cases, it is much easier to renew or replace furniture, rather than investing time and effort in cleaning it. The same fact concerns appliances – if the microwave, for example, malfunctions, check if you can repair it before you wipe it clean. Sometimes the most reasonable cleaning approach is to get rid of obsolete or faulty objects, instead of cleaning them. Besides, your tenants would be more willing to keep your rental clean, if you offer brand-new equipment.


  • Create a list – creating a complete checklist with all errands you should run is a smart solution that would help you keep track on your chores. Depending on the condition of your rental, there might be too many areas or objects that would require your attention. If you try to memorise each task, chances are you get confused and eventually miss important assignments. Once your ex-tenants leave your rental, pay a visit to your property and take a look around. In your checklist, you should describe each problem that needs fixing, as well as crucial areas to clean. As soon as you finalise the list, you can start with the actual cleaning.


  • Clean biggest messes first – now that you have your checklist of chores, it’s time to tackle each one of them. Obviously, the simplest way to go is, to begin with, areas that seem most contaminated. If you notice a huge red wine stain on the carpet, get rid of it right away. In case your ex-tenants didn’t make the effort to preserve the bathroom squeaky clean, tackle that task next. The idea of prioritising is to have a starting point and then continue with less apparent issues. Once great messes have been eliminated, you can even let potential tenants have a look at your rental.


  • Don’t forget hidden areas – just like your own place, your rental home has hidden spots that trap dust and dirt. After dealing with the overall chaos in the space, you should direct your attention towards locations that tenants wouldn’t notice immediately. To make a good impression, clean behind the refrigerator, under the bed and eliminate dust from the corners. That’s how you can make sure your rental is spotless and your new tenants wouldn’t be disappointed with discovering hidden grime.


Make your rental home look sparkly clean with these simple tips. A well-arranged, disinfected space is what tenants usually search for, that’s why you should give your fair share before you find responsible occupants you can trust with your property.


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