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5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are one of the most visited places in your home. Since it is a place that is full of germs and bacteria, it needs special cleaning. Some people find it gross when it comes to bathroom cleaning, but it is better to clean it than have different diseases and infections by not doing so. Here are some of the tips and tricks of cleaning your bathroom quickly, yet effectively.


  • Always start with the walls and mirrors:

The best way to start the bathroom cleaning is with the walls. The walls usually have a lot of dried water drops that stain them, and so is the case with mirrors. But you can use a glass cleaner for the mirrors and wipe them clean. For the walls, all you have to do is clean the walls with a cloth soaked in soap and water. Once you have applied the cloth on the walls, wash them with water and make sure to wipe them dry with a clean and dry cloth.


  • Clean the floor and tub using good quality cleaners:

The most important part of bathroom cleaning is the floor, the bathtub, and the commode. These places contain most of the germs but are very easy to clean. Use the cleaning solution and spill it in and on the commode, bathtub and the floor. Wait for a few minutes so that the cleaning solution can work properly and then rinse all of it with a water bucket, or another supply of water. Make sure to wipe it with either a mop or a clean cloth.


  •  Use vinegar for shower cleaning:

The shower is one of the most used things in a bathroom; hence it is very important to keep the showerhead clean. If the showerhead is not cleaned, it can get infected by different bacteria and fungus. One trick of spotting if your shower is clean or not is to check its surface for a white or green layer. If the layer is there, the showerhead needs cleaning. Cleaning the shower is very easy. All you need is some vinegar and a plastic bag. Pour the vinegar into the plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead in such a way that the shower gets soaked in it. Leave it for a day and then rinse it off with water and you will have a clean as a new showerhead.


  • Always wipe before leaving the bathroom:

No matter if you wash your hands or take a shower, always wipe the floor dry before you leave. Not only does this make it easier for you to clean it next time, but it also helps in keeping it clean for a longer period. 


  • Make sure to open your bathroom window every day:

The best trick and tip to keep your bathroom clean is to let the window open for an hour or two every day. What this does is that it regulates the airflow in your bathroom, preventing mould and mildew.

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