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6 Hacks to Keep your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Grout stains and moulds does not sound appealing, right? No one wants to spend their Sundays trying to get rid of these two.


Bathroom cleaning is daunting and labour-intensive, but it has to be done at least once every two weeks to preserve the sparkling and fresh look of the room. Some scientific studies even say that once a week bathroom cleanup is a necessity to keep away all bacteria and germs.


Indeed, bathroom cleaning is a must, and there is no reason to postpone it. This may look like a tremendous task, and it is not that charming (we are talking about toilets and drains)  but doing it more often will ease the entire procedure in the future.


Bathroom cleaning is often considered unpleasant because people almost always use cleaning solutions that contain a considerable amount of hazardous mixtures. Combined with the gases produced while using them may often cause skin irritation or/and provoke other hidden allergies. This is the reason why you should use gloves and always read the instructions for proper usage. Luckily - there is a pretty good amount of natural ingredients that may replace them with surprising success.


Below, you can find famous hacks which will revive the desire for bathroom cleaning:


  1. Clean hard surfaces using bleach. The latter is often considered the ultimate fighter in the cleanup process of the entire apartment. It kills even the more durable germs and can be used on a variety of materials. Before starting, at first test for the exact effect on a small area of the surface. Prefer hidden places so if anything goes wrong (changes in colour hue or saturation for example), then the area can remain invisible.
  2. Bathroom mirrors tend to gather too many stains and smudges. For cleaning them, use any of the ready window cleaners sold or a set of a mixture of soap and clean water and cloth. If you want to take the eco path - then use some soft cloth piece and a couple of soaked black tea packages. The acid inside the tea cuts through the dirt.
  3. Unclog any clogged drains using aspirin and vinegar. Instead of taking a chemical solution or a plunger (for brute-forcing enthusiasts), throw a single pill of aspirin inside the drain and then pour a cup of vinegar. The chemical reaction between the two will increase the heat, which in result will burn all those nasty things clogging the pipe. Leave it this way for 10 minutes and wash with clean water.
  4. Removing any water stains is now a piece of cake using just lemon juice. It is a fast, reliable and cheap method that does not cause any harm. Squid half a lemon in a spray bottle, fill up with water. Spray on the stay, wipe and check for yourself that the water stain has vanished.
  5. Remove any moisture from the top parts on the walls using just a flat mop. The condense generated in the bathroom gets stuck there due to the temperature difference and the fact that hot air always moves to the top of the room where it gets cooled down. Leaving any drops of water on the walls for a longer period will only create new places where mould may live. To lower the chances of condense, you may consider leaving the bathroom's fan turned on longer.
  6. We all hate soap scum - we have always tried to remove it, and it just keeps reappearing in various places inside the bathroom. Fortunately, there is a pretty simple cure for that - cooking spray. It sounds unusual, but the latter is a mixture of lubricant and propellant which in the matter of a couple of minutes, deals perfectly with the awful marks. When ready, wash with clean water and voila - everything is gone. No scrubbing needed.

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