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How To Clean The Kitchen: A Step-By-Step Guide


If you want to do a complete cleaning of the kitchen check out the guide below with 12 steps to do an in-depth cleaning of your kitchen. Sometimes the most difficult part of completing a task is to find out where to start. Check out the steps:


  1. Clean benches / tables

Arrange all things that belong to the kitchen that aren’t in the right place. Then collect all things that don’t belong to the kitchen. Collect all these things in a container to be tidied to the back. Ensure to pack these items in the right places.


  1. Start in the sink / dishwasher

Put all dirty dishes in the sink. Fill it with warm water and dish detergent, soak the dishes in it. Use baking soda in the drain; you can also use lemon peel to refresh.


  1. Spray the countertops and stove

Use a multi-purpose sprayer and spray the surfaces thoroughly. Let the sprayer do its work as you go.


  1. Check the refrigerator

Discard anything that has passed its expiration date and place the pots and detergent in sink. Work from top to bottom; wipe the shelves with a cloth sprayed with multi-purpose detergent.


  1. Start at the top

You can shake dust and trash to the ground because you will sweep the floor afterward. Use a long, lint-free duster around the border of kitchen. Clean all corners, light fixtures and cabinet tops. Remember the refrigerator top. 


  1. Clean top cabinets, microwaves and other appliances

Put a soaked sponge in the oven and "cook" for about 2 minutes. When the oven does its work, soak a cloth in the hot water and detergent and use it to clean the handles and doors of the upper kitchen cabinets and any dirt on the walls as the kitchen circulates. At this point, the mop in the oven must have cooled down. Use it to clean the microwave completely.


Clean the coffee machine, toaster, mixer and other appliances from top to bottom, use a multi-purpose sprayer or glass cleaner (spray the cloth instead of spraying the machine).


  1. Clean the countertops and stove

At this point, the detergent you have sprayed has had time to act, clean the flat surfaces. Use a bit of baking soda to remove the most difficult stains.


  1. Clean the vertical surfaces of large appliances

Use another cloth soaked in warm water and detergent to clean the face of oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Pay more attention to the handles and outer edges. For steel appliances, you can use vinegar and water solution.


  1. Clean the doors and drawers of the lower cabinets

Again, a cloth soaked in warm water and detergent will suffice.


  1. Finish the dishes and clean the sink

Place items that are immersed in the dishwasher. Empty the dishwasher and clean it with warm water. Wash the sink with a soft abrasive such as baking soda. Rinse with warm water. Wash the tap with a micro-fiber cloth.


  1. Empty the trash

Clean the trash with a soaked cloth before changing the bag.


  1. Sweep and wash the floor

Sweep the floor with a dry mop; reach the baseboards beneath the kitchen cabinets and in the corners. Remove appliances if required. Then rinse or wipe off steam. Begin at the farthest corner of the kitchen entrance. When using a dry mop, also use a container. Do not pollute your sink, as it is cleaned already. Pour the dirty water into the outside or into the toilet.

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