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All You Need to Know About End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you have only recently become a landlord, there are a few things you have to learn about end of tenancy cleaning. Having the property cleaned by professionals is very important because it ensures the place is ready for new tenants and that it looks amazing. According to professionals in the home staging business, there is no better way to repel prospective tenants than to leave the place in a mess. In this article, you will learn more about the process of cleaning.

What exactly is an end of tenancy cleaning?

In essence, end of tenancy cleaning is a deep clean of the property (usually a flat or a house). It is performed by professionals and typically takes place before new tenants move in. People also refer to such cleaning as move-out cleaning or simply deep cleaning.

Should you feature a clause about such cleaning in your tenancy agreement?

General cleaning (often professional) ranks as one of the more frequent reasons for deposit disputes between tenants and landlords. What this means is that you will do well to add such clause to your tenancy agreement, to have peace of mind. Don’t forget to include specifics, such as that your tenants will have to arrange the service and then provide proof of the works that have been carried out.

What does such a cleaning process feature?

End of tenancy cleaning features deep clean of certain areas up to a professional standard. The deep clean needs to adhere to certain checklists, which means that hiring a company to carry out a regular clean doesn’t cut it. The cleaning checklist has slight variations, though it always features extensive clean of bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. A few examples of what checklists feature:

  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances – oven, freezer, microwave.
  • Cleaning all countertops.
  • Cleaning the cupboards.
  • Floor cleaning – including carpet cleaning.
  • Removing limescale from bathroom taps and polishing said taps.
  • Cleaning the toilet bowl.

How much does such a service cost?

The price of such a service is essential because it determines just how you can budget your expenses. After all, if you need to make some repairs, the costs can pile up. The best thing you can do is monitor the price of several companies and get a quote on the service. Maybe you can even land a discount with some? In any case, be sure to contact several companies and get quotes from each of them. Keep in mind though that a low price doesn’t always mean decent service.

Can you do the cleaning yourself?

If you are feeling confident, you can attempt this. However, keep in mind that the outcome of your effort will hardly be ideal. After all, professionals know the secrets of the job. They also have the necessary gear and solutions to deal with the task in the best manner possible.

Now that you know more about the end of tenancy cleaning, you can better handle the process as a landlord. Be sure to check with All Services in One for additional information on the matter by calling 020 3962 5086.


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